Wheat Marketing

Pricing of wheat: 9:40 am - 2:10 pm EST.

Resting orders taken throughout the day.

Producers in eastern and central Ontario delivering to Port of Prescott: please call the Marketing Department for shipping options.

Marketing Department: 519 767-6537

Questions: 1-800-265-0550

The bid chart below is on a 15-minute delay. For the most accurate and recent pricing information, and for deferred pricing opportunities, call the Marketing Department.


Farmers who have treated their wheat with Manipulator need to ensure they understand their marketing options. The plant growth regulator was registered last year and was approved by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for use in 2015 on spring and winter wheat in Canada. However, the active ingredient (Chlormequat) has not been approved in all export markets.

Many agriculture retail locations are concerned about accepting wheat treated with Manipulator since this product is not currently allowed in the U.S. Imported grain with any level of Manipulator residue will not be accepted in this key export market.

If you are a producer who has, or is thinking of using this product in future years, please contact your retail location / grain elevator location to determine the implications of using Manipulator. For additional information, please refer to the guidelines set out in the Responsible Use of Crop Protection Products.

For the 2015 crop year, Parrish & Heimbecker agent locations will not be available to Grain Farmers of Ontario wheat deliveries. Please call the Grain Farmers of Ontario office (1 (800) 265-0550) for alternate delivery locations. If you were planning to deliver your Grain Farmers of Ontario wheat to P&H, please call P&H (Bruce Downey, (416) 360-7178) to make the necessary arrangements. We hope to see P&H back receiving wheat by the 2016 crop year. Glencoe Grain and Mt. Elgin will continue to take delivery of Grain Farmers of Ontario wheat for the 2015 wheat harvest period.

Pool Return Outlook

The 2015 Pool Return Outlook is coming soon.

The PRO is a price indication based on current nearby and forward markets. It is not a guarantee of price but rather an indication or projection of potential returns based on current price and economic conditions. The PRO will be updated as market conditions dictate. Volatility in the marketplace may affect the PRO in a significant manner.

Neither Grain Farmers of Ontario nor its employees can guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information put forward in this PRO which is provided only as a service to farmers, does not constitute marketing, financial or legal advice and is not to be used or construed as a recommendation to market wheat in any particular manner to or through any particular entity. The use of any information in this PRO is at the reader’s risk and expressly purports an obligation of due diligence before any marketing decisions are made.

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