Investment in research is a long-term strategic initiative of Grain Farmers of Ontario for the benefit of all barley, corn, oat, soybean, and wheat farmers. Ontario’s grain farmers have sponsored and participated in decades of practical research that has resulted in economic gains and improved agricultural sustainability for Ontario farmers and the Ontario environment.

Call for Research Proposals

The deadline for applications has passed.

Please refer to the program guide and its Appendices 1-3. Please ensure you are using the correct application templates. To ensure your proposal meets the quality standards of the Research Committee review and for section examples of successful proposals.

Investment in research is a long-term strategic initiative of the Grain Farmers of Ontario. Our goal is to target our research, innovation and knowledge transfer investments toward opportunities that will enhance our farmer-members’ returns. The updated 2018 Grain Farmers of Ontario research priorities are attached and available online on the sidebar of this page.

For our 2018 Call for Research Proposals we will be accepting barley, corn, oat, soybean, and wheat proposals under our four priority areas as described in our Research Priorities document: Agronomy & Production; Weed, Disease & Insect Pests; Breeding & Genetics; and Crop Utilization & Crop Quality.

We are accepting all proposals in these areas but would like to highlight the following high priority areas for which we would like to target increased research investment:

  • Pesticide resistance management and coping with breakdown of resistance
  • Management of grain corn ear mould incidence and reducing the occurrence of vomitoxin (DON)

To help prospective researchers properly complete their 2018 Research Proposals, Grain Farmers of Ontario hosted an Information Session through video conference on Wednesday, October 4, at 1:30PM EST. The recording is available here:

New in 2018

  • Each research proposal must demonstrate value to farmer-members through an economic analysis component, which should be its own objective, quantifying the economic value of a given research deliverable (i.e., return on investment, cost-benefit analysis, etc.).
  • A rough estimated economic impact is also expected to be explained in the Proposal, Part 5B, to demonstrate the benefit of the proposal deliverables to Ontario’s grain farmers.

We encourage consultation with Grain Farmers of Ontario for all proposals, but particularly for those that fall under the priority area of Crop Utilization & Crop Quality. Please call Natalie DiMeo at 519-767-4138 to discuss your proposal ideas or any questions regarding the templates.

Grain Farmers of Ontario strongly encourages partnerships amongst research institutions and with other funding agencies, where relevant. If you would like to discuss linkages with other funding programs, please give us a call.

For your submission, please complete both the Proposal template and the Budget template. Instructions are contained within the templates and Program Guide. It is important to express how your research will benefit Ontario’s barley, corn, oat, soybean and wheat farmers, and to use plain language when describing your project.

If there is confidential content within your proposal, please identify the sensitive content clearly with “Confidential” at the beginning of the section.

Researchers seeking funding in 2018 must submit proposals by the deadline of Friday, November 24, 2017 at 4:00pm EST. It is expected that researchers will be notified of the funding decisions in mid-February, 2018.

Please submit completed research proposal documents by email in their original MS Word or MS Excel file formats to: