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Fact Sheet: DON in corn

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The 2018 crop year is a higher risk year for DON, one type of Vomitoxin. Grain Farmers of Ontario would like to highlight what you can do to help manage your corn crop this year and into the future, and our short, medium, and long term goals.

What Can You Do?

SELECTING SEED: Select seed this fall based on Gibberella Ear Rot ratings or past knowledge, ask your seed sales representative for information on hybrid specific information.

INDEPENDENT TESTING: Grain Farmers of Ontario strongly encourages producers to submit a sample for testing prior to delivery. Ensure the sample is representative of the field or the bin. Independent testing opportunities for DON are available through the joint venture with SGS Canada and the Grains Analytical Testing Lab. NOTE: this opportunity may assist in buyer/seller disputes; however, this is an indication of quality and is not binding. The cost of corn analysis is $22.00/sample and SGS Canada requires a minimum of 500g to a maximum of 1kg per sample.

BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: As a farmer be aware of the best management practices to limit the chance of Fusarium-variety selection, correct fungicide usage, crop rotation, scouting, etc. Speak with your crop advisor about the best course of action for your farm.

If you encounter high levels of DON in your corn, or have had loads rejected, you should contact Agricorp directly to discuss your situation. Agricorp can be reached at 1 (888) 247-4999.

What is Grain Farmers of Ontario Doing?

  • WEBINARS: “Managing the 2018 Crop”L Tracey Baute discussed Western Bean Cutworm, what to look for and how to control it. Look for recorded webinars at
  • MAGAZINE ARTICLES:Ontario Grain Farmer magazine has published numerous articles on pest control, Fusarium, Gibberella and Vomitoxin. Visit and search Fusarium, Vomitoxin, Giberella, Western Bean Cutworm, or other key words.
  • EXPERT INSIGHTS: A link to Field Crop News is posted in the Production section of with articles from Crop Specialists across the province.
  • GRAIN CORN EAR MOULD AND VOMITOXIN SURVEY:Results of this survey are available on Field Crop News.
  • CROP PROTECTION NETWORK WEBSITE: This is partially funded by Grain Farmers of Ontario for timely advice and articles. Visit it here.

Short Term Goals: 2018 Crop Year

  • There are current research projects studying integrated pest and disease management. We have invested in completed projects studying both Fusarium in wheat as well as in corn; and on mitigating mycotoxins in grain. For more information please visit the Research Database.
  • Continued publication of resources for farmer-members.

Medium Term Goals: 2019 – 2020 Crop Years

  • Continued research: Specific emphasis being placed on 2019 research projects that target the development of integrated disease & insect pest management strategies. Key diseases and insect pests include Fusarium in wheat and barley, Giberella in corn, Western Bean Cutworm, and more.
  • Continue working with other groups and stakeholders to help promote the sharing of research.
  • Establish hybrid specific Giberella/DON assessment through new Ontario Corn Committee nurseries.
  • Keep an eye on Fusarium population and mycotoxin changes in the industry.

Long Term Goals: 2021 and Beyond

  • Maintain research support in areas of need.
  • Support Ontario’s grain farmers by working with Ontario end users to discuss challenges that they have with taking downgraded grain.
  • Develop new uses for corn with DON.


Producers can submit samples to:

Jack Legg, CCA-ON, 4R NMS
Grains Analytical Testing Laboratory
SGS Agriculture and Food,
Brand Manager, Agronomist
503 Imprerial Rd. No, Unit 1, Guelph ON N1H 6T9
Phone: 519-837-1600

Manuela Roduner
SGS Agriculture and Food
Grain Inspector
81 London Rd., Hensall ON N0M 1X0
Phone: 226-262-3676

NOTE: Members using Purolator/FedEx/UPS to send samples to Hensall will have the address show “unknown.” Members should ignore this as the address is correct and samples will arrive.

A local elevator that is capable of testing for vomitoxin.

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