Ontario's grain markets 2020

12 Wheat in Ontario WHEAT IS THE third largest field crop in Ontario. Each year, farmers produce, on average, 2.3 million metric tonnes of wheat on one million acres. Ontario is diverse in its wheat production, growing both winter and spring wheat. Several different classes of wheat are grown, including: soft red winter (81% of production), soft white winter (7%), hard red winter (6%), and hard red spring (6%). Ontario is Canada’s leading producer of winter wheat, growing on average 76% of Canada’s total production. The majority of Ontario wheat, 56%, is utilized domestically; primarily in food for human consumption through milling (22% of demand) or animal feed (31%). Poultry and swine account for the majority of wheat consumed by livestock in feed rations. The market for, and quality of, wheat determines when it is used for livestock feed. Exports account for 44% of total wheat demand. The United States remains the predominant market, with 21% of all wheat demand heading there. Mexico and Brazil have increasingly become more important markets as they look to diversify suppliers. Quebec utilizes about 10% of Ontario’s total demand; the majority is used in animal feed with some wheat milled for human consumption. Wheat exports and domestic feed use varies widely from year to year based on the quality of the crop and pricing. Quebec was included as an export market for the purposes of this report. l Wheat Since the 2016 report • Wheat going into milling has increased 76,000 tonnes • Animal feed has increased over 250,000 tonnes • Exports are up 37%