Ontario's grain markets 2020

6 Corn in Ontario GRAIN CORN IS the second largest crop in terms of acreage in Ontario, but it is the largest volume crop —on average, 8.7 million metric tonnes a year are grown on 2.1 million acres. Ontario is the leading corn producing province in the country — growing 62% of Canada’s grain corn. Domestic markets account for 87% of total corn demand. Animal feed, for swine, beef, poultry, and dairy, accounts for 39% of the market. When the by-products of processing are included, such as dried distillers’ grains (DDGs), total feed consumption is as high as 53% of total corn demand. Ethanol production and other industrial applications account for 33%of total corn demand including industrial alcohols and oils. Ethanol capacity within the province increased in 2018 allowing for further growth in the industry. The food for human consumption market accounts for 15% of demand. Ontario corn exports have been steadily increasing over the past number of years, reaching 13% of total demand. Major export markets include the Republic of Ireland, United States, United Kingdom, and Spain. Exports are closely tied to production levels and will continue to increase provided yields continue to increase. l Corn Since the 2016 report • Exports are up 300,000 tonnes while domestic use is down the exact same amount • Ethanol is unchanged, new capacity nowonline for future growth • Food for human consumption is down 110,000 tonnes