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Clean Fuel Standard

UPDATE: Clean Fuel Regulations. We are happy to see that Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has listened to our concerns over the LUB criteria. They are now proposing a net national land use expansion model, which implies that if there is no net land use expansion, all Canadian farmers are deemed eligible and under compliance with the regulations.

Grain Farmers of Ontario continues to look at the proposed regulation and work on other areas of concern.

What is the Clean Fuel Standard?

The Canadian government is drafting a Clean Fuels Standard regulation that will regulate the use of fossil fuels and biofuels in Canada – and will impact their production.

What does the Clean Fuel Standard Mean For Grain Farmers?

If you grow soybeans and/or corn for biofuel markets and you do not meet the proposed criteria, you will not be able to sell to those markets. The added criteria (referred to as Land Use Biodiversity – LUB) includes regulatory burden that will negatively affect farmers, such as: 

  • Not having cut down 1.2 acres of trees on any part or parcel of your land since January 2020
  • Not growing crop within a 30-meter buffer strip of a stream or lake as of January 2020
  • Having individual farm certification completed

Environment Climate Change Canada (ECCC) met with stakeholders over the summer to discuss the recommendations for the Clean Fuels Standard.  There has been an evolution of these proposals. The first document defines the process for engagement with stakeholders and feedback for the Clean Fuels Standard, while the following two documents provide an overview of the proposals to date which encompass the land use criteria, which will become law once the Clean Fuels Standard is put into place. These are still in the proposal stage.

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Clean Fuels Standards objectives, engagement and timelines.

Land use and biodiversity criteria proposal with agricultural feedback incorporated.

Land use and biodiversity criteria proposal with proposed updates.

Grain Farmers of Ontario Work on Clean Fuel Standard

In July Grain Farmers of Ontario submitted comments on the proposed Clean Fuels Standard regulation.

Click the below update to see our comments.

In September, Grain Farmers of Ontario asked the government to remove the land use and biodiversity criteria for bio-fuels crop.

Read our press release: Clean Fuel Standard Misses the Mark on Biofuels

What can grain farmers do?

It is vital that you inform your Member of Parliament if this new regulation will negatively impact your farm.


  • Over the last 30 years, grain farmers have increased land use efficiency by 39 percent and reduced their climate impact by 45 percent in corn production alone. 
  • Ethanol is proven to reduce carbon emissions by almost 40 percent in vehicular emissions – one of the largest culprits of GHG. The government should focus on supporting ethanol production, not hampering it. 
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