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Wheat Marketing


What has been announced?

Grain Farmers of Ontario has made the difficult decision to wind down the Wheat Marketing Programs (Wheat Pool and Forward Contract programs).

What is the Wheat Pool?

The Wheat Pool is a program to help our farmer-members diversify their wheat marketing plans. Grain Farmers of Ontario markets the pooled wheat on behalf of the producers.

Why was the Wheat Pool started?

The Wheat Pool was a program of the Ontario Wheat Producers’ Marketing Board and was established when there was a single desk marketing system and fewer ways to market wheat in Ontario. Now there are more than 267 licensed dealers and 372 licensed elevators in Ontario.

Why has Grain Farmers of Ontario made this decision?

Farmer-Members have shown through decreased engagement with our Wheat Pool and Contract programs that they are able to market their wheat successfully through other vendors, and that they prefer to do so. In the 2019 crop year, the Pool total was 3300 tonnes. Harvest acres in 2019 were 752,000 acres. Ontario farmers grew more than 1.5 million tonnes of wheat in 2019 for the 2020 crop year: (

When will the Wheat Pool and Contract Programs stop running?

All 2020 pool and forward contracts will continue as planned with no impact. and the marketing year will be complete by May 31, 2021. Any wheat contracted beyond that point will be transitioned with our help and support.

What will happen to existing commitments to farmers?

There will be no change for the current crop year. Grain Farmers of Ontario will work with our farmer-members and industry partners to market the current crop year and transition any forward contracts.

How will GFO support grain marketing?

Grain Farmers of Ontario will continue to work with industry experts to share commodity pricing on our web site ( and through the Sell Smart app. We will continue to look for education opportunities through magazine articles, webinars, and more.

We will continue to work with the SGS Grains Lab on grain quality and build on our programs for promoting Ontario grains domestically and abroad.

Will the SellSmart app be affected?

No. The only change to information shared by Grain Farmers of Ontario about prices and markets is that our own bid will no longer exist.

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