2018 Varieties by Class/Pool

SWW (Pool A)
White Winter: 25W31, AC MacKinnon, FT Action, 25W33, AC Mountain, Genesis D6234W, 25W36, AC Ron, Genesis D8006W, 25W41, Ashley, Ninja, 25W43, Ava, OTF013, 25W60, Caledonia, Superior, AC Cartier, E0028W, TWF020, AC Essex, E1009W, Whitby

White Spring: Fielder

HRW (Pool B)
Red Winter (hard) from certified seed: AC Morley, Gallus, Priestly, AC Sampson, Harvard, Princeton, AC Zorro, Hondo, Stanford, Benefit, HY 301-HRW, Warthog, Brome, JDC78, Wentworth, Carlisle, Maxine, FTHP Redeemer, Platinum
HRS (Pool C)
Canadian Eastern Red Spring Wheat from certified seed: 5602HR, Hobson, Propel, AAC Fairwind, HY-017-HRS, RICHELIEU, AAC Scotia, HY-124-HRS, Sable, AC Barrie, Isidore, SS Blomidon, AC Brio, Kane, Superb, AC Taho, KINGSLEY, TOPAZE, Celtic, Kleos, Touran, Dakosta, MAGOG, Ventry, DS206HRS, MAJOR, Waskada, Easton, McKenzie, Wilkin, Furano, Moka, Winfield, Fuzion, Norwell, Glenn, Orleans, any CWRS wheat
SRW (Pool E)
Canada Eastern Red Winter: 25R15, CM614, Palmer, 25R23, Cruze, Pro 202, 25R34, DS654SRW, R045, 25R40, DS743SRW, R055, 25R46, E1007R, RC Strategy, 25R47, Emmit, Sisson, 25R49, Emperor, Stealth, 25R56, FT Wonder, Surge, 25R61, Genesis E1007R, UGRC Ring, 25R74, Genesis R045, Vienna, 26R15, Huntley, Warwick, ADV Dyno, HY 412-SRW, Wave, Becher, Kristy, WB425, Branson, Marker, Webster, CM249, OAC Flight, Wisdom
HR (Pool F)
Canada Eastern Red (non certified) Wheat or Hard Red Wheat not listed in the above spreadsheed, e.g., Quantum, Hoffman, 606, etc.
Feed (Pool G)
No varieties.


Ontario wheat producers are able to market wheat to Grain Farmers of Ontario through board agents. Agents are country elevators licensed to handle Grain Farmers of Ontario Wheat Pool wheat. Wheat producers are also able to market their wheat directly, to a buyer of their choice. On the interactive map below, select the agent nearest to you.


ADM Milling
P.O. Box 369, 202 First Street
Midland, ON, L4R 4L1
Phone: 705-526-7861
Fax: 705-526-8586
Email: Jim Zummach

ADM Milling
1770 Barbertown Road
Mississauga, ON, L5M 2M5
Phone: 905-826-2701
Fax: 905-826-7516
Email: Brian AmosNan Merritt

ADM Milling
P.O. Box 310
Port Colborne, ON, L3K 5W1
Phone: 905-834-4515
Fax: 905-835-4230
Email: Debbie Ferri

Kraft Canada Inc
P.O. Box 1004, 5651 Lewis Avenue
Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 6V9
Phone: 905-374-7111
Fax: 905-354-4240
Email: J WhittingtonEdith Hill

Kraft Canada Mississauga Mill
27 Reid Drive
Mississauga, ON, L5M 2B1
Phone: 1-866-221-2278
Fax: 905-826-4852
Email: Steve Bright

P&H Milling
P.O. Box 3368, 140 King Street
Cambridge, ON, N3H 4T3
Phone: 519-653-6267
Fax: 519-653-2125
Email: Jim May

P&H Milling
62 Mill Street West
Halton Hills (Acton), ON, L7J 1G4
Phone: 519-853-2850
Fax: 519-853-0446
Email: Jim May

P&H Milling
P.O. Box 219
Hanover, ON, N4N 3C5
Phone: 1-800-265-5510
Fax: 519-364-6951
Email: Jim May

QTG Canada Inc
Hunter Street East, Quaker Park
Peteborough, ON, K9J 7B2
Phone: 705-743-6330
Fax: 705-876-4152
Email: Jeff McInroy

Robin Hood Multifoods
60 Columbia Way
Markham, ON, L3R 0C9
Phone: 1-800-866-3300
Ext. 1-7677
Fax: 905-940-5959
Email: Ingrid LapishJohn HollidayElvi Pakkanen


Cargill Limited
101 Exmouth Street
Sarnia, ON, N7T 3Y5
Phone: 519-337-5428
Fax: 519-337-9997
Email: Terry BarrosCarol Haight

Great Lakes Elevators
P.O. Box 126
Owen Sound, ON, N7A 3Y5
Phone: 519-376-2754
Fax: 519-376-8292
Email: Peter MyattMissie Eldred

Port of Johnstown
3035 County Road 2
Johnstown, ON K0E 1T1
Phone: 613-925-4228
Fax: 613-925-5022
Email: Rhonda Code

Southpier Terminals Limited
P.O. Box 126
Goderich, ON, N7A 3Y5
Phone: 519-524-7367
Fax: 519-524-7995
Email: Lori Bagot

Southpier Terminals Limited
West Pier
Port Colborne, ON, L3K 5V8
Phone: 905-834-3644
Fax: 905-834-7816
Email: Joe LannanDenise Schneider