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Wheat Pool Information

2020 Varieties by Class/Pool

SWW (Pool A)
White Winter:

25W31 AC Mountain E1009W
25W33 AC Ron FT Action
25W36 Ashley Ninja
25W41 Ava Superior
25W43 Caledonia TWF020
25W60 D6234W  Venture
AC Cartier D8006W Watford
AC Essex E0028W Whitby
AC MacKinnon  

HRW (Pool B)
Red Winter (hard) from certified seed:

AC Morley Fundulea Platinum
AC Sampson Gallus Priesley
Arnold Harvard Princeton
Benefit HY 301-HRW PRO 81
Brome JDC78 Stanford
Carlisle Lexington Warthog
Frontenac Maxine Wentworth
FTHP Redeemer Montcalm Zorro

HRS (Pool C)
Canadian Eastern Red Spring Wheat from certified seed:

Any CWRS Wheat
5602HR Fuzion Orleans
AAC Brandon Glenn Propel
AAC Fairwind Hobson Raven
AAC Harlaka HY-017-HRS Richelieu
AAC Scotia HY-124-HRS Sable
AAC Synox Isidore SS Blomidon
AAC Warman Kane Superb
AC Barrie Kingsey Topaze
AC Brio KLEOS Toundra
AC Taho Magog Touran
Celtic Major Ventry
Dakosta McKenzie Waskada

SWR (Pool E)
Canada Eastern Red Winter:

25R23 Branson Palmer
25R34 CM614 Pro 202
25R40 Cruze R045
25R46 Drew RC Strategy
25R47 E1007R Secord
25R49 Emmit Sisson
25R56 Emperor Surge
25R61 FT Wonder UGRC Ring
25R74 Huntley Vienna
26R15 HY 412-SRW Warwick
ADV Dyno Kristy Wave
B654SRW Marker WB425
B743SRW Measure Webster
Becher OAC Flight Wisdom

HR (Pool F)
Canadan Eastern Red (non certified) Wheat or Hard Red Wheat no listed in the above spreadsheet, e.g. Quantum, Hoffman, 606, etc.

Feed (Pool G)
No varieties


Ontario wheat producers are able to market wheat to Grain Farmers of Ontario through board agents. Agents are country elevators licensed to handle Grain Farmers of Ontario Wheat Pool wheat. Wheat producers are also able to market their wheat directly, to a buyer of their choice. On the interactive map below, select the agent nearest to you.


Cargill Limited
101 Exmouth Street
Sarnia, ON, N7T 3Y5
Phone: 519-337-5428
Fax: 519-337-9997
Email: Terry BarrosCarol Haight

Great Lakes Elevators
P.O. Box 126
Owen Sound, ON, N7A 3Y5
Phone: 519-376-2754
Fax: 519-376-8292

Port of Johnstown
3035 County Road 2
Johnstown, ON K0E 1T1
Phone: 613-925-4228
Fax: 613-925-5022
Email: Barb DeJong

Goderich Elevators
P.O. Box 126
Goderich, ON, N7A 3Y5
Phone: 519-524-7367
Fax: 519-524-7995
Email: Lori Bagot

Port Colborne Grain Terminal
West Pier
Port Colborne, ON, L3K 5V8
Phone: 905-834-3644
Fax: 905-834-7816
Email: Joe LannanDenise Schneider

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