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GrainTALK Webinar: Managing drift with Dr. Jason Deveau

Join Dr. Jason Deveau as he shares insights on off target pesticide movement, strategies to limit movement, and more. Visit for more information on reducing spray drift.

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Grains on the Go trailer

Learn more about the in-school trailer visits and print the flyer for teachers.

Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship encourages the pursuit of higher education in any area of study that will benefit the Ontario grain sector or agri-food industry.

Visit the Grain Farmers of Ontario online store

Shop branded hats, sweaters, tshirts, mugs, and more.

The Daily Commodity Report

Grain Farmers of Ontario Initiatives

Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine
The Ontario Grain Farmer magazine strives to be the number one source of information for our province’s grain farmers.

Good in Every Grain
A public outreach campaign by Grain Farmers of Ontario, developed to tell the story of Ontario’s grain farmers to consumers across the province.

Great Lakes YEN
The Great Lakes YEN is one of a global series of YENs that help local farmers better understand their yield potential and what limits it.

Grain for Good
An awareness campaign by Grain Farmers of Ontario focused on the environment and the economy.

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