Market Trends for March & April

US and the World

It’s about COVID19 now.  It is the biggest Black Swan since September 11, 2001 to affect markets. For farmers across North America it is the best of times and the worst of times. 

Spring is in the air and the grain world is waking up to farm activity across the greater North American farm belt.  However, there are also states of emergency across the United States and Canada as public officials try to engage people in the fight against the Coronavirus, which originated in China. 

Grain markets have boiled with volatility, down hard from early January.  Emotions have been high.  Grain fundamentals have been almost beside the point. 

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Market Trends for February & March

US and the World

It’s February, a month where winter is still with us and spring still seems so far away.  However, across the greater American corn belt plans are being made to plant.  In some areas of the Dakotas and Minnesota, some of the 2019 corn crop remains out.  It’s a reminder of the year that was 2019, but 2020 represents a clean slate.  Needless to say, market fundamentals continue to form, which will surely challenge farmers in the months to come.

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Market Trends for January & February 2020

US and the World

As we careen into the new decade, 2020 can surely represent opportunity for those within the greater grain economy.  2019 was a difficult year for many in the Eastern Corn belt and 2020 represents an opportunity to do better.  Looking further out, what will a new decade define the grain economy going forward? 

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