Market Trends Commentary for December 2018 – January 2019

US and World

December is a time where the crop is mostly in the bin. However, across both the US, Ontario and Quebec this year has been quite a challenge. As of November 25th, USDA estimates that 94% of US corn and soybeans have been harvested. Harvest rain and snow have been a challenge this year and it continues. As we move toward January, farmers will start to look forward to the new crop year and all its inherent challenges. The January 11th 2019 USDA “Final” crop report looms ahead and generally puts a stamp on the old crop year.

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Market Trends Commentary for November-December 2018

US and World

It is a huge harvest coming off across the greater North American Corn Belt, but it is at a slow pace. The corn harvest is almost average, but in Iowa, Kansas Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota farmers are lagging behind the average by 5%. The soybean harvest in the United States is still behind about 6% below the average. Yes, combines have been rolling for quite some time now, but wet weather and now snow has stopped field activity cold in many parts of the Corn Belt. Needless to say, grain is piled up almost everywhere. Continue reading “Market Trends Commentary for November-December 2018”

Market Trends Report for October-November 2018

US and World

Combines are rolling across the American Midwest, Ontario and Quebec. Big crops are creating grain piles all over farm country amid some of the worst harvest weather in years. Heavy rains have inundated parts of Iowa and many other US states causing all types of harvest problems. It is one of the biggest crops ever in the United States. How big is the real question especially with the damaging harvest weather. On October 11th, USDA weighed in with their latest crop estimates. Continue reading “Market Trends Report for October-November 2018”