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Ontario Grain Farming 101

Grain Farmers of Ontario presents “Ontario Grain Farming 101”, a virtual video series sharing on-farm information and experiences. Meet Ontario grain farmers, learn how their businesses operate, and how they grow high-quality crops for domestic use and for export worldwide. Join us and experience Ontario grain farming from the ground up.

Each video below explores topics and themes around Ontario’s grain industry. Learn how farmers decide what to plant, what equipment is used on an average farm, what sustainability means to Ontario’s farmers, where grains go after they are harvested and much more through the ten videos.

Ontario Grain Farming 101 was created to help the research and policy community better understand the complexity and uniqueness of Ontario’s grain farms. No two farms are the same and there are many variables in place for each operation to grow quality grains.

Scroll below to watch the video series or visit the Grain Farming 101 playlist on YouTube.

What is Ontario Grain Farming?

Have you ever wondered what happens on an Ontario grain farm, or how Ontario grain is produced and where it goes? If so, then the Ontario Grain Farming 101 video series is for you. In this video, learn the broad aspects of grain farming in Ontario.

Growing a Grain Crop Overview

Growing a grain crop can require a lot of hard work. It also requires farmers to be educated and well-informed so that they can make timely decisions throughout the year. Learn how farms have progressed through the years and what farmers do to produce Ontario grown grains.

Farm Business Structures

Dwight Foster, a farmer from North Gower, Ontario talks about how his grain farm operates, some of his many responsibilities and shares how his employees are a valuable aspect of the operation and how they factor into producing grains.

The Grain Farming Team

Dwight Foster, and his five children farm near North Gower, Ontario. There are lots of different jobs that need to be completed throughout the year. By working together as a team, they reach common goals, on personal and professional levels.

Farm Equipment

Ontario grain farmers use many different types of equipment in the field to plant, manage their crop and harvest Ontario grains.

Sustainable Ontario Grain Farms

Ontario grain farmers are stewards of the land and are serious about sustainability. By managing the land appropriately, it ensures that it will be productive for future generations.

Where do Ontario Grains Go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the barley, corn, oats, soybean, and wheat that you see growing in Ontario fields? Some of the places it might go is on a boat to be exported worldwide or turned into animal feed domestically. It could even end up on your dinner plate. 

Growing a Grain Crop – Spraying

Farmers protect their crops from weeds, disease, and insects by spraying them. Learn about why farmers use this technology and how it helps them grow healthy, sustainable crops.

Growing a Grain Crop – Planting & Nutrients

Growing Ontario grains is no easy task, each year brings its own challenges and successes. When growing grain, it is imperative that the plants have a positive start.

Grain Marketing

Meet Emily Helmuth, a farmer and grain merchandiser. Emily discusses how farmers market their grains for use around the world. “A good grain marketing plan is all about risk management” she shares.