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Grain Farmers of Ontario wants to share the best information with farmer-members. We want that information to be easy to find and easy to recognize.

GrainTALK was created to share information with members in a variety of formats; with GrainTALK podcasts, GrainTALK webinar series, the GrainTALK enewsletter, GrainTALK videos, and more.

If it says GrainTALK, it has great information for grain farmers.

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GrainTALK Episode 89: Marty Vermey, Joanna Follings, Kevin Van Netten, Crosby Devitt

In this episode of GrainTALK, we feature the Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network in a conversation with Marty Vermey, Grain Farmers of Ontario senior agronomist, Joanna Follings, cereals specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Kevin Van Netten, a…

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We’ve put all our GrainTALK webinars on our Youtube Channel. You can access the playlist here.