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Municipal Priorities

For the next municipal term, we want councillors to keep agriculture top of mind when formulating policies and engaging stakeholders. Ontario’s grain farmers contribute $706 million in municipal taxes. This number alone should motivate municipal candidates to prioritize the needs of their local grains and oilseeds farmers. Ensure that your municipal government can be a partner for the grains and oilseeds sector in this next municipal government cycle.

Grain Farmers of Ontario has outlined the following priorities ahead of the municipal election:

  • Agriculture representation: Honour the significance of agriculture as a stakeholder by inviting farmers to the table when considering agricultural, land use, environmental and tax regulations
  • Reduce red tape: Respect agriculture businesses by cutting red tape that hinders productivity, competitiveness, and economic growth
  • Minimal regulatory intervention: Stimulate economic activity in the agricultural industry by limiting the municipal government’s intervention in farm business operations

We encourage you to help promote this message by sending our Delegate Advocacy Letter Template to your local candidates ahead of the October election, found here.

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