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License Fees

Beginning July 1, 2019, the license fees applicable to the following commodities are as follows. Dealers late remitting fees for months prior to July 2019 use the 2018 fees.

 Fees as of July 1, 2019
Barley** $1.19/mT
Mixed Oats/Barley**$1.34/mT

*Includes GFP Premium
**GFP is not applicable to this commodity

Continue to include HST in all purchases. This means a charge of 13% will be added onto the total fee payment of each submitted report. The Grain Farmers of Ontario HST number is: 82972 7064 RT0001.

One form is to be completed per commodity; however, one cheque may be submitted for all five commodities as long as the breakdown for each is specified. These forms along with other reference information are available to review and download from the Grain Farmers of Ontario website –

Grain Farmers of Ontario may accept system generated reports as substitute for a form if the report contains all the required information. Please contact us to review your report and confirm the report is compliant.

Continue to submit all Monthly Reports in a timely and complete manner. Reports must be submitted on or before the 15th day of the month directly after the purchase month. A penalty of 2 per cent per month will be assessed against dealers who are late submitting license fees.

We are continuing to work with your industry representatives to increase efficiency in reporting for grain purchases. If you require further clarification, or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Phaedra McIntosh in the Grain Farmers of Ontario office by phone: 519-767-4130 or e-mail:


Dealer Check-Off Report for Wheat

Wheat Producer Settlement Listing From

Dealer’s Monthly Report of Fees (Barley, Corn, Mixed Barley and Oats, Oats, and Soybeans)

Grain moisture conversion

Shrinkage occurs whenever wet grain is dried. As grain is dried, moisture is removed from the grain resulting in a loss of volume and a weight loss.

Please consult this link to The Canadian Grain Commission to calculate weight loss due to drying. This link is for informational purposes only.

Note that this calculation does not include any losses that can occur when mechanically dried and handled to and from the dryer. Commercial elevators have other charges and deductions associated with their moisture tables. Ensure you are aware of the actual conversion and drying charges (if applicable) ahead of grain delivery.

Terms and regulations



License fees

Harmonized sales tax (HST)


Dealer to dealer sales

Wheat Dealer Process


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