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Crop Management

NEW: Winter wheat staging guide

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In-Season Field Observations

New Field Observations articles can be found at Weekly updates are posted throughout the growing season.

Agronomy Alerts

May Frost

With unseasonably cool weather in the spring, some planted fields may receive frost. This resource outlines what to consider if frost is experienced after planting. Click here to see the fact sheet.

Tar Spot

Tar spot was discovered in Ontario in September 2020. This resource outlines the disease threat, favourable conditions, and how to control it. Click here to see the fact sheet.


Waterhemp is spreading across Ontario and can be difficult to control. Check out the Waterhemp Agronomy Alert to learn more about this upcoming weed concern that may be hiding in your fields. This resource shows where Waterhemp has been found in Ontario, and how to identify and control it. Click here to see the fact sheet.

Corn Rootworm

Bt resistant Corn Rootworm (CRW) has been identified in Ontario. This resource outlines how to identify and control Corn Rootworm. Click here to see the fact sheet.

Fact Sheets

Weed Control

Fall weed control tips

Tip sheet: Maximizing the performance of glyphosate

Optimizing the performance of glyphosate in field crops

Seed Selection

Considerations when selecting corn hybrids and soybean varieties

DON in Corn

Testing for DON in four key steps

DON in corn information

Tar spot in Corn

Tar spot in corn information


Soil compaction


Pest ID factsheet

Winter wheat staging guide

A visual guide to winter wheat staging

Learn about wheat anatomy, important stages throughout the season, scouting tips and key yield components with high definition photos and in-depth descriptions.

Download guide

#GrainTALK Farmer Forums

GrainTALK Farmer Forum: Corn Rootworm Resistance

Erin Hodgson, Extension Entomologist Specialist with Iowa State University, will share a U.S. perspective on CRW.

GrainTALK: Farmer Forum, Pest and Disease Management

Topics covered in this session will include pests to be on the lookout for in your fields, along with resistance, management, and mitigation information.

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