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Risk Management Program

Risk Management Program (RMP) overview

Ontario’s Risk Management Program (RMP) helps producers manage risks beyond their control, like fluctuating costs and market prices. The program is administered by Ontario’s farm business risk management agency, Agricorp. For more information about enrolling in RMP, program dates and other resources, please visit Agricorp’s for Grains and Oilseed site.

Grain Farmers of Ontario’s RMP ask

The Grain Farmers of Ontario appreciates the $50 million that was added to the RMP program and the new design. However, our original ask was to bring the fund to $250 million, which means a further increase of $100 million to meet the needs of the farmers who participate in the program.

RMP OASC letter to the Minister

The letter is about the need to increase funding for the RMP program to counter the inflationary pressures on the price of farm inputs. It highlights that program payments are prorated in most years given the program’s annual funding cap. Our ask of an additional $100 million will alleviate the proration problem.

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RMP Return-on-investment (ROI) report

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The purpose of the study was to determine the economic impact that the Ontario Risk Management Program (RMP) and the Self Directed Risk Management Program (SDRM) has on individual operations, on farm production in Ontario and the consequent impacts of the program on the broader economy.

The key finding of the study was that every dollar paid through RMP/SDRM increases gross economic output by between $2.01 and $3.60.

RMP pre-budget submission

The pre-budget consultation describes why increased investment is needed in the RMP program and the benefits it could lead to for Ontario’s economy.

Government pre-budget submission

RMP payment calculator

Updated 2023.

RMP payment calculator

Comparing agricultural business risk management programs

An analysis of Ontario and Michigan corn producers.

BRM report

Economic impact analysis of grain farming in Ontario

MNP Report