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Federal Priorities

Priorities for the 44th Federal Government

We’re asking the Government of Canada to help keep Ontario’s grain farmers competitive so we can continue sustainably producing the high-quality healthy foods that feed Canadians while securing our domestic food supply. Here are Grain Farmers of Ontario’s priorities for the 44th federal government:

  1. Expand the carbon rebate outlined in the 2021 Fall Economic Statement to 100% for grain drying
  2. Compensate farmers for increased costs from the tariff levied on fertilizer imports
  3. Ensure that Business Risk Management programs remain focused on their key objective to assist farmers in managing risk by avoiding pressures to include climate related objectives in program criteria
  4. Consider training programs and other measures to ensure an adequate supply of truckers available to serve the needs of agricultural producers
  5. Protect farmers from escalating input prices and market volatility by increasing the Agri-Stability ‘trigger rate’ to 85%
  6. Build on the success of the Clean Fuel Standard with additional government investment in the renewable fuels industry

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