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Government Relations

Our goal is to ensure the economic sustainability of agriculture and the necessary products and benefits it supplies.

Growth Priorities

Trade War Fund to support farmers in non-supply managed sectors.

  • Trade War Fund for grain and oilseed farmers who are suffering from global trade disputes and competition with farmers who are receiving government bailouts in Canada and the U.S.
  • Implement long-term business risk management programming that shields grain farmers from price fluctuations beyond their control

Defend Markets and find new markets for grains and oilseeds

  • Normalize commercial relationships with China
  • Defend and invest in domestic processing and international grain markets
  • Eliminate harmful tariffs including aluminum and steel tariffs.

Climate Change action that makes a difference using low carbon grain products

  • Eliminate the carbon tax and implement a Clean Fuels Standard that recognizes the contribution of domestically produced corn ethanol and soy bio-diesel as low carbon alternatives to fossil fuels.

2021 Federal Election

A federal election was called Monday, September 20. Click here to view our election asks. These asks are specifically designed to promote the sustainability of grain farming in Ontario for the future and to ensure that farmers can continue to do the important work they do to provide safe healthy food and help the environment.

Our three asks are:
• Business Risk Management programs that work for more farmers.
• A low carbon toolbox for grain farmers that helps Canada achieve net zero objectives.
• Defend existing markets and find new markets for grains and oilseeds.

Check out the newly launched awareness advertising campaign around these asks at

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