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Agronomy Alert


Waterhemp is spreading across Ontario and can be difficult to control. Check out the Waterhemp Agronomy Alert to learn more about this upcoming weed concern that may be hiding in your fields. This resource shows where Waterhemp has been found in Ontario, and how to identify and control it. Click here to see the fact sheet.

Helpful Links

2019 Hybrid Corn Performance Trials

Corn Hybrid Performance Trials (Ontario Corn Committee) – A third-party annual corn hybrid performance data from across Ontario and several interactive decision support tools, such as the Ontario corn nitrogen calculator.

Soybean Variety Performance Trials (Ontario Soybean and Canola Committee) – A third-party annual soybean variety performance data from across Ontario.

Wheat, Barley and Oat Variety Performance Trials (Ontario Cereal Crops Committee) – A third-party annual cereals variety performance data from across Ontario.

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OMAFRA Resources

Pub 811 – Agronomy Guide for Field Crops

Pub 812 – Field Crop Protection Guide

Pub 75 – Guide to Weed Control

Guide to Early Season Crop Pests

Identifying Wheat Diseases Affecting Heads of Grain

Weed ID Guide for Ontario Crops

Crop Protection Network

Grain Farmers of Ontario sponsors the Crop Protection Network, an international partnership of university and provincial Extension specialists, and public and private professionals that provides unbiased, research-based information.

For harvest 2018, Ontario grain farmers may be interested in these selected Crop Protection Network publications (additional publications are available for download on the Crop Protection Network website):

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