Market Trends Report for December & January

US and the World

As 2019 is coming to an end, many farmers across the North American corn belt, it can’t come soon enough.  A brutal spring which turned into summer has now transformed the angst to a tough fall for many farmers.  As of December 9th, the USDA reported that 8% of US corn is still out in the field. Much of it, still in the snowy part of the upper Midwest.  Case in point was North Dakota, where over half the corn crop was still in the field. 

Every year is different and 2019 surely was unique. 

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Market Trend Commentary for November & December

U.S and the World

Combines have been rolling throughout the American corn belt, Ontario and Quebec. Harvest weather, as always presents challenges for farmers and 2019 continues to go down as a year to remember. Rain and snow have inundated much of the American corn belt, slowing harvest. This is on top of a crop, which was planted late and not as mature as it usually is this time of year. As of November 4th, 52 % of American corn had been harvested versus 74% last year. On November 3rd, 75% of American soybeans had been harvested compared to 81% a year ago. 

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Market Trends Commentary – October & November

It’s harvest time across the greater North American corn belt, albeit where the weather permits.  Good harvest weather in the northeastern corn belt has been countered by cold freezing weather in the northern US plains.  Needless to say, its still early, and combines will surely find their place over the next few weeks.  The crop, which was so difficult to get planted in the Eastern corn belt, has yet to give up the truth.

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