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Ontario Performance Trials – Intensive vs. non-intensive

Principal Investigator: Peter Johnson

Research Institution: Ontario Cereal Crops Committee (OCCC)

Timeline: January 2021 – December 2021


  • Determine the influence of fungicides on rankings and performance of varieties in the winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, and oat Ontario Performance Trials.


  • The provision of independent data regarding the relative tolerance of cereal varieties to a range of fungal leaf and head diseases, with and without the use of foliar fungicide, will assist all growers in selecting varieties best suited to their growing conditions and management practices.

Scientific Summary:

The Ontario Cereal Crop Committee (OCCC) conducts variety performance trails to determine the genetic potential and adaptation of cereal varieties in the Province of Ontario. Historically, OCCC Variety Performance Trials had been conducted in the absence of fungicides. As growers moved to increasing fungicides as a part of their normal management practices, the committee decided in 2010 to began comparing varieties without and with fungicide application. The main objective is to determine the influence of fungicides on provincial variety rankings and performance of the winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, and oat.

Trial results confirmed that there is a varietal response to fungicide applications in winter and spring wheat and oats, but to a lesser extent with barley. The committee decided to make it standard protocol to run intensive trials at select locations for all crops.

Winter wheat, spring wheat and oats all remain ‘mandated’ for intensive management at certain locations. Due to the inconclusive results on barley over the years, the committee leaves it to the discretion of the trial operator if they wish to spray. Not all locations are run as intensive sites – participation of each location is on a voluntary basis and some locations opt not to spray fungicide, for various reasons.

OCCC coordinates collection and analysis of the intensive trial data and releases the results through the OCCC performance trail reports. Results are communicated by the OCCC to Ontario cereal producers and the farming community through the OCCC website.

External Funding Partners:

Fungicide and Seed Companies

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