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2021 DON in corn – Disease management

Some areas of the province are experiencing weather conditions that could favour Fusarium/Gibberella infection in corn leading to an increased risk of the vomitoxin, deoxynivalenol (DON).

To mitigate these concerns of infection, farmers often apply a fungicide at pollination.
The list of commercially available fungicides that suppress the development of Gibberella and Fusarium in the ear includes (and may not be limited to):

  • Caramba
  • Proline 480
  • Miravis Neo

Please note: no fungicide completely controls DON or the ear mould that causes DON toxin buildup.

For more information on product application, please visit OMAFRA publication 812 – Field Crop Protection Guide 2021 page 41 in the link: Always read and follow the label and directions. Proper application, and timing of application on live silks is key.

Speak with your retailer and/or agronomist

The best source of information on these products will be your retailer/agronomist. Talk to them to understand your options and product availability. Always read and follow the product label for directions for use and precautions.

Gibberella ear mould – taken by Albert Tenuta
Fusarium ear rot