New Accelerated Investment Incentive for Equipment Purchases

The Federal government announced a new Accelerated Investment Incentive in their Fall 2018 Economic Statement. It will allow equipment purchased after November 20, 2018 to be depreciated for tax purposes, at an accelerated rate. Normally in the year that equipment is acquired, only half of its value is available for capital cost allowance (CCA). Under the new proposal this “half year rule” will not apply and the value of the acquisition will be increased by 50%.   Continue reading “New Accelerated Investment Incentive for Equipment Purchases”

Register for the corn producer DON survey

We are facing one of the most severe outbreaks of DON in corn that we have ever seen, and some areas of the province are being hit especially hard.

One of the hurdles we face is the lack of reliable information on the extent and impact of the problem. While we have heard from many of you, and we know that the situation is serious, we need a more quantifiable assessment to make our case to government.

This is why we are asking you to help us in gathering this critical data. Read the email to all members here. Continue reading “Register for the corn producer DON survey”

Request for proposal

As mentioned in a press release from Grain Farmers of Ontario last week, Grain Farmers of Ontario is prepared to purchase grain baggers to assist in short term storage of corn for farmer-members.  Continue reading “Request for proposal”