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Agronomy Apps and Guides

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Apps, guides, tools and resources specific to grain farming, developed by Grain Farmers of Ontario or that which Grain Farmers of Ontario has supported the development of via funding or through research.

Pest Management

Pest ID factsheet

There are many pest identification apps that are in the marketplace, this factsheet gives an overview of what some common apps cover with respect to disease, insects, weeds and other. Download it here.

Pest Manager icon

Pest Manager App

Pest Manager allows you to identify, map and find integrated management options for common weeds, insects and disease in corn, soybean and cereal crops.

Download for: iOS | Android

Flag my Field icon

Flag My Field App

Flag My Field allows farmers to identify areas on their farm where extra precautionary steps may need to be taken when applying pesticides in neighbouring fields so as to minimize the risk of off-target pesticide drift. 

App currently unavailable.

Agrimetrix Field Statistics icon

Field Statistics

This is a statistical tool for anyone doing on-farm trials.

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Agrimetrix Spray Calibration icon

Spray Calibration

This tool is designed to help you calibrate your sprayer. 

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Agrimetrix Pest Threshold icon


In the beta version of the tool, users can search for action thresholds of common pests in several field crops. 

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Agrimetrix Spray Record icon

Spray Records

This is a simple tool that lets you keep track of seasonal records.

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Manage Resistance Now

Resistance can significantly impact yield, profit and even land value. Manage Resistance Now is a complete go-to resource to help growers and industry proactively manage herbicide, insecticide and fungicide resistance.

Crop Protection Network

Grain Farmers of Ontario sponsors the Crop Protection Network, an international partnership of university and provincial Extension specialists, and public and private professionals that provides unbiased, research-based information. Visit to view fact sheets, webinars, yield assessments and more about specific insects, disease or weeds.

Canadian Corn Pest Coalition

The Canadian Corn Pest Coalition (CCPC) is a collaborative group of experts promoting the proper stewardship of corn pest management technologies. Visit to learn more about entomology, insect resistance management, pathology, and agronomy, and regulatory bodies.


This app is to assist farmers in marking management decisions for white mould in soybeans. It is fully developed by the University of Wisconsin, but is suitable for Ontario conditions as well.


This app is to assist farmers in making management decisions for tar spot in corn. It is fully developed by the University of Wisconsin, but is suitable for Ontario conditions as well, and as this disease becomes more prominent in the region will become increasingly more accurate.

Nutrient Management

Cash Cropper icon

Cash Cropper App

Cash Cropper allows you to compare the net profitability and fertility requirements for different crop rotations within a given field. 

Download currently unavailable.

Ontario Corn Nitrogen Calculator icon

Ontario Corn Nitrogen Calculator

This mobile app generates a recommendation for the most economical N rate for a corn field. 

Download currently unavailable.

Resilient Fields helps you work through specific field challenges to obtain sustainable solutions for your field crops. BMP conflicts and trade-offs are part of farming. Work through Resilient Fields’ resources and solutions to determine the best field practices for your soil, your water, your crop, your future.

AgriSuite Calculators

Crop Nutrient Calculator, Organic Amendment Calculator, Fertilizer Calculator, Phosphorus Loss (PLATO) Calculator, Field Management Plan, Manure Storage Sizing Calculator.


SellSmart icon

SellSmart App

SellSmart is a free app developed by Grain Farmers of Ontario to help farmers sell their barley, corn, oats, soy, and wheat in the commodity market.

Download for: iOS | Android

Moisture Shrink Calculator


Winter wheat staging guide

A visual guide to winter wheat staging

Accurate crop staging is critical for managing winter wheat. Learn about wheat anatomy, important stages throughout the season, scouting tips and key yield components with high definition photos and in-depth descriptions. Taking into the account the Zadoks growth scale, along with Ontario based timing and information, this guide is a must have for Ontario wheat farmers. Download a free copy of the guide, created specifically for Ontario farmers.

Pub 811 - Agronomy Guide for Field Crops

Pub 811 – Agronomy Guide for Field Crops

All your agronomy questions from planting to harvest and from crop damage to insect identification can be answered in the 425 pages of agronomy knowledge in the Agronomy Guide for Field Crops. Read online

Pub 812 – Field Crop Protection Guide

Insect and disease control methods in field crops can be found in Publication 812, the Field Crop Protection Guide, it’s up to date for the 2020 season. Read online

Pub 75 – Guide to Weed Control

Insect and disease control methods in field crops can be found in Publication 812,  the Field Crop Protection Guide, it’s up to date for the 2021 season. Read online

The cover of the report Early Season Field Crop Pests showing a close up of soil

Guide to Early Season Crop Pests

This guide is a tool to help identify pests that attack field crops early in the growing season. Under each pest, the guide outlines how to identify the pest, explains their life cycle and the damage they cause. It also details scouting techniques, thresholds and integrated pest management strategies including cultural, biological and chemical control. Additional information on protecting natural enemies as well as pollinators is also available at the end of the guide. This guide provides the basics for establishing an integrated pest management strategy for soil borne and early season pests in field crops, which will help target the use of insecticide treated seed to where it is necessary. Download and view the PDF.

Identifying Wheat Diseases Affecting Heads and Grain

Identifying Wheat Diseases Affecting Heads of Grain

This is a guide to wheat diseases affecting heads and grain. It covers diseases visible at head emergence, diseases visible during grain development, diseases visible just before harvest and diseases causing problems in other countries. Learn to recognize common wheat diseases: loose smut, fusarium head blight, stagonospora glume blotch, black chaff, sooty molds, common bunt/dwarf bunt, ergot, and wheat blast. Download the PDF of this guide here.

Weed ID Guide for Ontario Crops

Weed ID Guide for Ontario Crops

Recognize over 120 species commonly found in and around agricultural fields. Print copies are available to be ordered on-demand here. Download the PDF of this guide here.

Harvest checklist

A valuable tool to help you prepare for harvest and track progress for wheat as well as other grain crops. Download the checklist here.

Cover Crops

The Cover Crop Tool – use to find which cover crops are best suited for your region and your specific operation. Supported by Grain Farmers of Ontario research.

Soils at Guelph creates a number of fact sheets and cover crop recipes based off of Ontario cover crop research, which is supported by Grain Farmers of Ontario