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DON in Corn

An Open Letter to our Farmer-Members

“We are facing one of the most severe outbreaks of DON in corn that we have ever seen, and some areas of the province are being hit especially hard. I understand the feeling of frustration that you, our farmer-members, have with this issue. You want to know that Grain Farmers of Ontario is at work on your behalf, and you want to know what we are doing…”

Markus Haerle
Chair, Grain Farmers of Ontario

Read the rest of the letter here.

Register for the DON survey

One of the hurdles we face is the lack of reliable information on the extent and impact of the problem. While we have heard from many of you, and we know that the situation is serious, we need a more quantifiable assessment to make our case to government.

This is why we are asking you to help us in gathering this critical data. Read the email to all members.

A survey about DON was recently sent out to registered members. That phase of the research process has now closed. If we determine that a second round of surveys are required, we will contact you using the email you submitted. If you have not yet registered but wish to be included in any future communications, please submit your email using this form:

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NOTE: The registration form above is not the survey. Please submit your email address above, and future surveys will be emailed to you.


Grain Farmers of Ontario: DON Fact Sheet

Agricorp: Understanding Coverage for DON Grain Corn

Agricorp: What Happens After DON Damage is Reported?

Agricorp: Corn Salvage Benefit for DON in 2018
November 14, 2018 The corn salvage benefit for 2018 covers cases where DON levels in harvested corn exceed five parts per million (5 ppm).

Video: Corn School – Reducing DON levels in corn at the combine

Additional Downloads

Grain Farmers of Ontario sponsors the Crop Protection Network, an international partnership of university and provincial Extension specialists, and public and private professionals that provides unbiased, research-based information.For harvest 2018, Ontario grain farmers may be interested in these selected Crop Protection Network publications (additional publications are available for download on the Crop Protection Network website):

CPN-2001 – Ear Rots

CPN-2002 – Mycotoxin FAQs

CPN-2003 – Grain Sampling and Mycotoxin Testing

CPN-2004 – Storing Mycotoxin-Affected Grain

Field Crop News Resources

Some of these resources were shared in an email to all farmer members on October 31, 2018. You can read it here. Additional resources will be included as they are published by the Field Crop News team.

DON in Corn Silage

Destroying a Corn Crop at Harvest Time

Good Mycotoxin Test Begins with a Representative Sample

Laboratories Offering Mycotoxin Analysis in Ontario

Harvest Tips for Mouldy Corn

Storage Tips for Mouldy Corn

End Uses for Mouldy Corn in 2018