Grow Ontario Together

Grain Farmers of Ontario is proud to be part of Grow Ontario Together, a collaboration of agriculture organizations that are currently working on phosphorus reduction in the Great Lakes. They recognize the need to work together — with each other, with the public, with environmentalists, with municipalities, concerned citizens and with governments. To reduce phosphorus, Grain Farmers of Ontario is working on:

  • 4R Nutrient Stewardship Strategy — ensures right source, right time, right place, and right amount of fertilizer
  • Soil management — field mapping and soil testing to make best nutrient management decisions
  • Cover Crops — reduces soil erosion and nutrient losses, while adding organic matter to soil

Grain Farmers of Ontario is the province’s largest commodity organization, representing Ontario’s 28,000 barley, corn, oat, soybean and wheat farmers. The crops they grow cover 6 million acres of farm land across the province, generate over $2.5 billion in farm gate receipts, result in over $9 billion in economic output and are responsible for over 40,000 jobs in the province.