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Production Resources

Crop Protection Network

Publications developed by the Crop Protection Network, a multi-state and international collaboration of university/provincial extension specialists and public/private professionals that provides unbiased, research-based information to farmers and agricultural personnel.

Soybean Disease Management

Name Pub. # Download
Scouting for Common Soybean Seed Diseases 1001B
Scouting for Common Soybean Stem Diseases 1002B
Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus 1003
Charcoal Rot 1004
White Mold 1005
Stem Canker 1006
Pod and Stem Blight and Phomopsis Seed Decay 1007
Soybean Seedling Diseases 1008
Scouting for Soybean Seedling Diseases and Disorders 1009B
Scouting for White Mold in Soybean 1010A
Scouting for White Mold in Soybean (pamphlet) 1010B
Scouting for Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybean 1012A
Scouting for Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybean (pamphlet) 1012B
New Using ILeVO with Preemergence Herbicides 1013
New Soybean Stem Zone Lines: Fact and Fiction 1015
New Soybean Seed Treatments: Questions That Emerge When Plants Don't 1016

Corn Disease Management

Name Pub. # Download
New Ear Rots 1101
New Mycotoxin FAQs 1102
New Grain Sampling and Mycotoxin Testing 1103B
New Storing Mycotoxin-Affected Grain 1104B
New Using Atoxigenics to Manage Aflatoxin 1105B


Performance Trial Reports are now available:

You can find the complete reports below or by visiting www.gocereals.cawww.gosoy.ca, and www.gocorn.net, to view or print. You can also contact Grain Farmers of Ontario at 1-800-265-0550 to have a copy of the report mailed to you.

2016 Hybrid Corn Performance Trials
2016 Ontario Winter Wheat Performance Trials
2016 Ontario Spring Cereal Performance Trials
2015 Ontario Soybean Variety Trials

Harvest Checklist

Harvest checklist (click to open .pdf)
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