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2021 District Meetings

The 2021 District Meetings have been called. Register for the online meetings today.

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OMAFRA Extension Support

Principal Investigator

Joanna Follings

Research Institution

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)

External Funding Partners

Project Start

April 2016

Project End

September 2018


  • Improve information gathering for cereals research and extension.
  • Enhance extension efforts for wheat, barley and oat, including updating website and developing video media/segments.
  • Support costs for breaking issues in season, including lab work, labour and travel.


  • The timely delivery of information on new technology and production strategies that improve productivity of the Ontario field crop sector.
  • The accessibility of high quality information that enables producers to make informed management decisions.
  • The accessibility of high quality information that enables producers to manage breaking issues throughout the growing season.

Scientific Summary

Technology is constantly changing in agriculture. Information gathering of current cereals research and extension outside of Ontario is the first step in technology transfer. Some general topics that will be under investigation are Fusarium monitoring; N recommendations for oats and barley; and production of malting barley. The dissemination of these topics will occur at various meetings and conferences throughout the year.

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