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Evaluation of straw yield potential of cereal crop cultivars

Principal Investigator: Ontario Cereal Crop Committee (OCCC)

Research Institution: OCCC

Timeline: January 2021 – December 2021


  • Measure cereal straw yield by variety in Ontario Cereal Variety Performance Trials at up to six Ontario locations.


  • The collection of straw yields for cereal varieties will improve cereal producers’ business risk management, as straw can provide additional revenue to cereal producers, to maintain cereals in the rotation as a profitable component and improve livestock producers’ management of straw supply for their own operations.

Scientific Summary:

For some producers, straw yield is an important segment of their cereal production for on-farm use and/or sale into the increasingly lucrative straw market, and there is no other source for this information. The purpose of this project is to measure cereal straw yield by variety of each of the oat, barley, spring wheat and winter wheat cultivars entered in the Ontario Cereal Variety Performance Trials at multiple locations (minimum 3 locations). OCCC coordinates collection and analysis of straw yield data and releases the results as part of their performance trials. The results will be communicated to Ontario cereal producers through the OCCC website.

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