2019 Risk Management Program Calculator now Available

The 2019 Risk Management Program (RMP) calculator is now available for download.

The RMP calculator is designed to help growers calculate the value of enrolling in the program. The calculator does not have any values for the pre-harvest or post-harvest prices. These have not been calculated yet by OMAFRA. However, producers can enter what they think these values could be and will be able to estimate the payments based on the estimated values. Premiums and support levels are automatically calculated, and producers can use the calculator to compare various support levels and estimate program payments.

The RMP calculator can be downloaded  here.

If you have questions about the RMP Calculator, contact Rob Gamble, Chief Economist, Grain Farmers of Ontario by phone at 229-979-6519 or email at rgamble@gfo.ca.

Corn and Soybean Planting Deadlines Extended

Agricorp has extended the planting deadlines for corn and soybeans for some additional regions of Ontario.  The new extensions and areas can be seen here: http://www.agricorp.com/en-ca/News/2019/Pages/PI-PlantingExtensionsforcornandbeans.aspx

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Agricorp announces enhanced corn salvage benefit

March 18, 2019 | Updated: March 20, 2019

The corn salvage benefit that is included in the Production Insurance plan for corn now provides coverage that more accurately reflects the extra costs associated with harvesting, handling and marketing corn damaged by DON (deoxynivalenol). These updates will take effect for the 2019 program year. Full announcement here.