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Ontario Grain Marketing Commentary for January 30, 2019

CommodityPeriodPriceWeekly Movement
Corn CBOTMarch3.81↑ 02 cents
Soybeans CBOTMarch9.21↑ 05 cents
Wheat CBOTMarch5.17↓ 09 cents
Wheat Minn.March5.71↓ 04 cents
Wheat KansasMarch5.02↓ 13 cents
Chicago OatsMarch2.82↓ 13 cents
Canadian $March.7620↑ 1.25 points


Corn continued to track sideways again this week and remains confined to a triangle channel. We are in a $3.60 – $3.80 range and may continue to track that way until we break above or below these two levels.

The intermediate indicators remain positive and a challenge of the $4 level seems imminent in the coming months but the primary trend remains down.


Soybeans are starting to look positive as we received a daily buy signal this week. This, of course, is a daily signal meaning it can change quite rapidly. For the time being, we are in a positive formation with resistance at the $9.30 – $9.45 level on the March contract. A close above this level would be very positive for soybeans going forward. We are looking at an ascending triangle pattern which is usually a precursor to building momentum. Our first real test is a close above this $9.40 level which should set us up for a challenge of the more important $10.80 wall. A convincing close above there could finally turn this six-year-old bear into a full blown multi-year bull market that we have been anticipating.

Short-term indicators are now neutral while the primary trend remains down. The support line is at $9 on the March futures and resistance remains at the $9.40 level.


Wheat tracked sideways this week on the market and we are still seeing resistance at the $5.35 level on the March futures. If we close above there, we open the door to a more substantial target of $5.40 which is the December high. We now have our support line well established at the $5 mark on the March futures and our overhead resistance stands at the $5.40 level. We need to stay above the $5 support to keep the positive tone in the futures.

I would be looking for higher prices in the spring. All indicators are neutral to bullish.

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Cash Grain prices as of the close, January 30, 2019 are as follows:
SWW @ $245.22/MT ($6.67/bu), HRW @ $247.66/MT ($6.74/bu),
HRS @ $237.91/MT ($6.47/bu), SRW @ $240.34/MT ($6.54/bu).