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March 2019 Agronomy Update

What happens behind closed doors

Recently I’ve been able to attend committee meetings for corn, soybeans and cereals. These meetings have been really eye opening; coming from a farm/ag retail/communications perspective, I never would have known what is happening at all of these committee meetings without having actually attended them.

For example, at a recent cereal committee meeting we were able to vote along with other voting members on wheat that can be registered for sale in Ontario. Results on quality and performance are shared to assist in the voting process, also brought up in one of these meetings was updating the winter wheat planting map (stay tuned for this in upcoming months!). For the soybean committee, we are able to be involved in any number of conversations revolving around the performance trials, items such as trial locations and trial protocols. The corn committee discussions can range in topics from the most recent DON outbreaks to trials, to how to share trial reports in the most efficient manner to farmers and crop advisers.

If you are interested more in what these committees do feel free to check them out online Grain Farmers of Ontario is a strong supporter and advocate of all the committees.